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The Tasting Room at Raised Grain Brewing Company

Raised Grain Brewing Co. is set to have an open tasting room and restaurant to enjoy sooner than most, as Raised Grain Brewing Co., 2244 W. Blue Mountain Road, prepares for an early-to-mid-September opening. Construction is moving quickly on the beer brewery as early as January, and the company hopes to finish one of its final pieces delivery of steel brewing tanks by the end of this week. The tasting room will feature a patio overlooking the beer brewing process and will offer live music, dancing, and food from local restaurants. A sit down restaurant will be located outside, with a covered porch for those evenings when the sun sets.

Raised Grain’s owner has taken the time to create a custom menu for his business and has decided on four main dishes that will be served at the tasting room. Here is an overview of those four dishes:

One-Of-A-Kind Chili is a delicious blend of chili powder, fresh corn, onions, cheddar, tomato paste, and cilantro that are served in a tortilla shell. In case you are looking for a lighter dish that can be enjoyed while strolling through the tasting room, this dish should be able to meet your needs. The corn is cooked just long enough to give it a mild corn flavor, then the chili powder is added and cooked until thick, and the onions are cooked until soft.

Spiced Cauliflower is another entree offered at Raised Grain’s tasting room. The cauliflower is simmered in onion broth for about an hour, then served with potato salad, and topped with a sauce of soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, and garlic. While cauliflower is not typically considered a heavy or oily vegetable, this dish has a distinct smokiness that makes it a good choice for those who enjoy heavy flavors and spicy foods. The sauce also adds a great deal of flavor to the overall dish and lends itself well to serving with rice.

Fried Chicken is another entree featured at Raised Grain’s tasting room. This meal features a roasted chicken that has been marinated in a tangy tomato sauce and deep fried. The chicken is served with potato salad, coleslaw, garlic fries, and a tossed salad garnished with parsley and olive oil.

Roasted Marinated Tuna Steaks is another entree available at Raised Grain’s tasting room. These steaks are prepared in an all-white bbroom pressure cooker that has a variety of herbs and spices added to the marinade, and then they are prepared just short of cooking in the pressure cooker.

Steak Au Poivre is another entree served at Raised Grain’s tasting room. A combination of a creamy cream sauce and crispy baked potatoes, this dish features a delicate, buttery cream and butter sauce, with a light tart taste from the potatoes. This is definitely one to serve with French fries.

Of course, Raised Grain will also offer pizza and other pastries from their restaurant as well. A range of doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and cappuccino are also available from the tasting room. Each of these pastries offers a unique flavor that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition to the tasting room, this brewery also features a bar area and outdoor patio seating for visitors to enjoy.

Raised Grain brews many different beers, including a number of American beers. They also offer seasonal offerings for your enjoyment. During the colder months, their seasonal beers are ideal for the winter. While the warmer summer seasons are perfect for bringing out their seasonal brews, especially their seasonal pilsners, for spring and fall, Raised Grain brews seasonal favorites like their evergreen offerings.

One of the best things about Raised Grain’s tasting room is their hospitality and the service that they offer. Even if you aren’t tasting the beers in person, they offer a complimentary sample of any of their beers before they’re shipped out to you or ordered for you to sample at home. If you have never tried the beers, they also offer a full complement of the same to try as well, to help get you hooked on the flavors.

Raised Grain Brewing Company prides itself on their hospitality and service. Because of their wide variety of offerings and the care that goes into each of them, you are sure to find something that will meet your tastes. Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or simply want to relax with a glass of a tasty beer, Raised Grain Brewing Company is sure to make you happy.

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