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Heaviside Group is an award-winning web design and digital marketing company that delivers results.

Whatever platform you want, features you need, or designs you like–we’ll build it for you. Our philosophy is centered around you and your business. It’s not about the technology, but about helping you get more customers.


Who are your customers? How do they find you? Why do they choose you? How can we help them? Questions like this help us understand you. We will listen to you first. You’re the expert on your business and your customers. We’re the experts on using the internet to connect you.


After we understand your business, we will work with you to design a website that helps to accomplish your business goals. If you need custom web development and applications, we can help. Every site includes SEO best practices that will help your site rank at the top of search engines for the key searches your customers are using to find you. Since on-site SEO is usually not enough to get you there, we offer aggressively-priced packages to help you compete for the top spots. Everything is measured and recorded in analytics software so you can see for yourself how it is working. We provide monthly reporting on key metrics to show you progress.


Our mission for every client is to deliver a constant stream of new leads, and so we also work with you to determine what the best online marketing platform is. Whether it is AdWords, Bing, or Facebook, we will build and manage a profitable campaign for you that helps you grow your business.


If I were you, I’d be thinking “So what? Just about everyone says they do that.” That’s true.
Our secret sauce is our founder, who happens to be a PhD-level physicist. Academia was not his thing, so he started figuring out search engines and websites instead of black holes and quantum states. Turns out this stuff is complicated and interesting enough to keep him into it. He still directly manages all projects and monitors results and quality control.
Most web design companies are headed by creative-types or programmers. The folks overseeing the work on your project might be very green, young kids or interns who might not know how this stuff really works. The marketing might be excellent, but can they really deliver results?
We keep taking clients away from those companies because we do, and for a much lower price. We only work with expert-level programmers and graphic designers and keep overhead low, so we provide maximum value to our clients.