Top Reasons To Use WordPress

The most popular open source content management system and free blogging tool, WordPress was developed by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Since then the tool has been top websites and has been installed more than 6 million times by users. The tool allows you to post content, pictures and a lot more other features on your website.
The great features offered by the application makes it a rage amongst the users. There more than just one reason to use WordPress and here we explore some of them:-
1. Completely free of cost: WordPress is totally free and not chargeable at any point in time. Even if you reach a particular size, the tool does not charge you and allows you to carry on free of charge. The best part is all the codes are also kept open throughout.
2. Amazing Content Management System(CMS): The tool allows you to manage your content in a systematic way. You can upload pictures, add content, events, and products at any point of time in some very basic and easy steps. The application is user-friendly and compatible with any browser.
3. Allows Search Engine Optimization(SEO): – However great your content may be, but it’s of no use if the user is not able to search for it. Great content needs to get the required traffic so that it finds the right target audience. WordPress allows this feature to its users and makes their content SEO friendly. WordPress allows a lot of crawling by Google hence it ranks very well when it comes to generating traffic for your website.
4. Great Plugins: There are hoards of plugins available on the content management sites, but the kind of features WordPress has to offer are something which the user would not have thought about. You think of it, and the plugin is available for that. You want a stylized theme, a color changing the header or the footer, want to know the traffic on your website or wish to promote the content of your site all the options are just a click away on WordPress.
5. User-friendly: WordPress is free of any complications and has very basic steps to be followed to maintain your blog or website. It’s very similar to Microsoft Word hence making it easier for the user. At regular intervals the site keeps offering you upgrades to higher versions allowing you keep pace with the changes and grows along with you.
6.You don’t have to pay anything to get it or tweak it.
Website owners who don’t have a lot of money don’t have to fret. WordPress is free to download and install. You can even use it on multiple blogs and websites or continually upgrade it without having to pay any fees. The best part of it all is that it is open source. Again, there is no charge if you want to tinker with the code and customize the tool for your specific needs.
7.It’s a no-brainer to operate.
You’ll never get distressed using WordPress. For all its functionality, it is surprisingly well suited for people who aren’t technical geniuses. The dashboard is easy to navigate and is so well organized you can’t possibly miss all the relevant sections. Naturally, though, there may be some technical aspects that do need to be addressed. These include setting the URL structure and adding meta tags. Fortunately, there are various tutorials and online resources for helping site owners deal with technical concerns.