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Note: They call it Google Ads now—but most folks still search for AdWords 🙂

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. It works across all industries and products, from small companies to large. Given how prospects search for products and services today, PPC management is a critical component of your marketing strategy.

The problem is that most small to midsize companies don’t do it correctly, leading to sub-par results or unprofitable campaigns. Chances are you don’t build your own car or home. Unless you’re an expert, the results would be disastrous. AdWords is no different. While Google makes it seem very easy and even offers “help” from their staff, the reality is that AdWords campaigns can rapidly become a failing money pit if not handled with care. Most companies who say “AdWords doesn’t work” have had this experience. Most of the time two basic fixes could have made the difference.

Why should I use AdWords management services?

There are numerous ways to do it wrong. Fortunately, there is a very clear set of best-practices that drastically minimize your risk and allow a profitable campaign to be built safely.


You need a landing page

If you’re not sending paid traffic to a landing page, you’re hurting yourself in numerous ways. You’re likely going to be paying a higher cost-per-click (CPC) due to a low-quality score. You’re not going to be able to find the best offer with a/b testing. You won’t be able to optimize your conversion rate. You’ll be burning ad spend without a clear way to measure return-on-investment (ROI).

This is a big reason you should work with a pay-per-click advertising company that can not only build landing pages with you but also helps implement the conversion tracking that is going to make the difference in your online marketing ad campaigns.

You need to test your ad copy

Another huge mistake in PPC ads is failing to split test your ad copy. This is a fundamental aspect of online advertising: relentlessly testing copy ideas against each other, keeping each winner only to match it up against another challenger. This is absolutely necessary for a successful Google AdWords campaign.


The search engines are against you

Google only really cares about making money – and they do that by charging for ad placements. The number of top ad spots has increased over time, and below that, they have placed the “map pack” (which also has ads now). Even if you’re doing well in organic rankings, those spots are getting pushed farther and farther down the page. Chances are your competitors are bidding for those spots, and you likely need to invest there as well to stay competitive.


We’re a Google Partner digital marketing company with experience managing hundreds of PPC campaigns across many different industries. Chances are we’ve run a successful campaign for a company similar to yours.

Our full-service agency capability also means that we can provide just about any service you need to deploy successful marketing campaigns. Need a landing page built? We have designers and developers that can build it for you, and copywriters that can craft sales copy that converts.

If you want to expand your reach via Facebook Ads or search engine optimization we have dedicated specialists for that too.

Our process

Once you sign on as a client we’ll do a deep dive on your AdWords account to see what was done before. We’ll check out the campaign setups, ad groups, if the keyword research was on target if negative keywords were deployed properly, and if the overall campaign management looked sound.

We’ll discuss your financial metrics with you—what is your average deal size? Customer lifetime value? Gross margin? We’re going to find out what your acceptable cost per sale is and make sure your AdWords campaigns are hitting ROI targets.

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