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Best Restaurants in Milwaukee

Milwaukee is known as a typical blue-collar town with blue-collar tastes. Steakhouses, burger joints, and diners all thrive throughout the city. Local bars are lively places and are great for when you want to have a night on the town. With some many choices, sometimes it can be hard to know where all the best food comes from. Well in this article we will be listing the best restaurants in Milwaukee.

Everyone knows how hard it is to get a table at one of those fancy downtown restaurants. In some cases, if you want to get in you need to call days ahead and make your reservation. Well, this is the same for BLUE’S EGG but with one twist. It’s not a downtown restaurant. Located in Wauwatosa, BLUE’S EGG is a quaint breakfast and lunch spot that has lines pushing wait times of almost three hours. It’s worth the wait, though. Their menu is to die for and their bar serves the best Bloody Marys this side of the coast side of town. It’s all the class of a fancy five-star restaurant with none of the cost.

This a relatively new joint that makes some amazing molecular gastronomy menu choices. When you venture into ARDENT, you should always expect a lot of foams and gels with crunchy things. In fact, expect ingredients you have never heard of before in your life. But don’t let that deter you from an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life like I can guarantee that. The unknown ingredients add an air of mystery to your dish and most of all, the dishes taste amazing. Located on the Lower East side, their signature dishes include Red Light Ramen, PBR, and booze slushies. Odd food combination, but trust me, they work.

When Pizza Man burnt down, the city of Milwaukee wept. A beloved treasure was lost and they just couldn’t handle it. So when it reopened, the city truly rejoicing. Pizza Man is known for its piping hot pizzas that bring a tear to your eye from its deliciousness. People are literally overdosing on pizza from Pizza Man due to the fear of them disappearing again. However, I doubt that will happen. Pizza man now has two locations. The first one is back in their original spot on Murray Hill and the second is located in Wauwatosa. There will always be a place for the popular Artichoke A La Mode pizza topped with artichoke hearts, basil, and fresh tomatoes with dollops of cream cheese accompanied by a reminiscent of artichoke dip.

This restaurant has served many politicians and celebrities. They even have a special cardboard sign at certain tables that let know which famous person has eaten there. Could you imagine eating at the same table as Obama? I can’t, but I know it would be awesome. Also, by having so many famous people eat there, then you know their food standards are ridiculously high. Each dish will take you a trip to the white house. I mean, if it’s good enough for the forty-fourth president of America, then it is damn sure good enough for you.

This is the favorite custard and butter burgers restaurant for many Glendale locals. Each day customers get to pick from four different custard flavors including two specialties with all sorts of secret ingredients mixed in. As for the butter burgers, well they will fill you right up. Why? Easy, they are the size of your head. Your get great value for your money at KOPP’S FROZEN CUSTARD.

This Friday fish fry restaurant is a sort of a big deal in Milwaukee. There are always many restaurants in Milwaukee but only a number of them offer fish fry, and only a handful does it as well as KEGEL’S INN for sure. Of course, this restaurant also offers the usual menu’s other places do in case you are not a huge fish fan. But for those who are, you will have your mind blown. They serve seasonal fish, local fish, exotic fish, and other seafood as well. Their most famous dish is cod and perch fried in breadcrumb coating paired with a sauce tailor-made to boost flavors.

This is not a restaurant, but they serve up excellent websites!

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