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Biggest Companies In Milwaukee

Milwaukee, the Midwest city known for its love of baseball and it’s rich brewing history, is often overlooked as an epicentre for business. The lesser known fact is that Milwaukee is home to more large businesses than many other cities of it’s size. In Milwaukee, you’ll find the headquarters of a wide variety of firms. From retail to recruitment, and motorcycle production to mining equipment production, the span of business in Milwaukee is mind-blowingly vast.

To learn more about the corporate makeup of Milwaukee, take a look at some of the biggest companies based in Wisconsin’s largest city.

Johnson Controls

Ranking #468 on the Forbes Top 500, Johnson Controls is undoubtedly the biggest company based out of Milwaukee. The company employs over 150,000 workers throughout the world and has an annual net revenue of over $40,000 million.

Johnson Controls’ business ethos is centered around productivity, security, and sustainability for the future. Their production line includes building sources and solutions, lithium-ion and lead-acid battery products and distributed energy storage.

The company has received a wide array of awards including the 2015 award for The World’s Most Ethical Companies, The Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes and CR’s 100 Best Corporate Citizen’s award in 2016.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual is a financial security company based in Milwaukee. Their products range from life insurance to disability income insurance. They are well-reputed firm widely respected for offering sound financial guidance to their clients.

Northwestern Mutual employs over 5,000 employees and has an annual net revenue of over $28,000 million.

Manpower Group

Manpower Group is an innovative recruitment-based company offering workplace solutions to companies worldwide. They focus on finding and developing the most talented workforce and building collaborative partnerships between businesses and employees.

Established in Milwaukee in 1948, the company now has 3,900 offices in 80 countries and territories around the world. They have annual net revenue of over $20,000 million.


Kohl’s is a U.S based department store offering a wide range of consumer goods including clothing, jewelry, toys, and homeware. In 2013, Kohl’s was officially the 2nd largest department store in the U.S.A, based on retail sales.

The company was founded in 1962 and now employs over 140,000 staff across The U.S.A. They have annual net revenue of over $19,000 million.

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is an automotive company offering products and solutions in control systems, information software, motor control devices, and sensing devices. They offer their services worldwide and hire over 22,000 employees across the globe.

Rockwell Automation was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and, amazingly, had an initial investment of just $1,000. They now generate annual net revenue of over $6,000 million each year.

Harley Davidson

Perhaps the city’s most famous resident, Harley Davidson is one of the world’s leading motorcycle brands. Their timeless motorcycles have gained them cult status across the globe with many celebrities known to be huge fans of the brand.

Harley Davidson was founded in Milwaukee in 1903 and is famed as being one of only two motorcycle companies to survive the great depression. Along with motorcycles, Harley Davidson also produces a range of branded memorabilia which includes clothing and homeware.

The company now employs over 5,900 staff worldwide and has an annual net revenue of over $5,000 million per year.

Joy Global

Joy Global is a company specializing in the production of equipment for both underground and surface mining. They are #690 in Fortune 1000’s list of the biggest companies in The U.S.A based on yearly revenue.

The company was founded in Milwaukee is 1870. From their simple beginnings as Whitehall Sewing Company, Joy Global is now one of the world leaders in mining equipment and hires over 11,000 employees.

Despite the current challenges in mining in today’s society, the company continues to generate annual net revenues of over $5,000 million per year.


Fiserv is an innovative financial services company focussed on providing financial solutions to banks, consumers, brokers and credit unions alike. They were listed as one of America’s Top Employer’s by Forbes Magazine in 2015 and were crowned as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies in the World earlier this year.

Relatively new to the scene, Fiserv was founded in 1984 and now employs over 21,000 staff worldwide. The company generates annual net revenue of over $4,000 million per year. It’s also worth noting that it was listed as #492 on the Fortune 500 list this year.

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