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Mobile Version Of A Website

Today, the virtual world is a more powerful business tool than traditional forms of marketing and sales. Everything is becoming web-based, from SMEs to large scale enterprises. Every niche of society, industry and even individuals are trying to make it big online. And why not, the online platform has greater opportunities within a less convulsive system. Mobile phones are one source that is majorly responsible for making this virtual era a success. As a result, mobile websites are now a must for successful business ventures. Mobile websites are modified designs to be viewed specifically on phone handsets and not larger screen monitors or laptops.

The entire Android culture has paved the way to have internet facilities on every mobile. Being connected through social networking sites is more important than face to face meetings. This leads to the development and design of websites that can be accommodated in mobiles. It provides users with the same experience as computer access. Let\'s get to the key question, \'how to make a mobile website?\'

There are numerous techniques and strategies that webmasters, better known as designers or developers must learn in order to create the best mobile websites.

Mobile websites must have an excellent and professional UI experience. It is established that the interfaces of mobiles are small. Web designers require the knowledge and expertise to work within the restricted dimensions of mobile interfaces.

The best mobile websites follow basic, yet effective layouts. Get to know them before you go ahead with the design. The layout of these type of sites consists of numerous elements, which are:

Logo, Website navigation, Content, Footer

The logo is the most important elements of a website layout. Therefore, one should make sure to create a logo that is not only attractive to look at but also within the contours of a mobile interface. It is important to keep in mind that the logo size should not exceed 2 KB. If it does, then loading time will become extensive on mobile networks.

The next vital element is website navigation. This is important for having one of the best mobile websites. Irrespective of numerous factors, the developer must make sure that there are links to various pages of a website. This is required because mobile keypads are not as user-friendly as regular keypads of PCs. Therefore, the navigation of mobile websites needs to be systematic, detailed and smooth in order to make the user of the mobile website friendly in nature.

Content is the backbone of every website but for mobile websites, it is the heartbeat. The sole purpose of using mobiles to browse the internet is to attain vital information and details. Viewing content becomes necessary in the process. The best mobile sites will not contain content that keeps on changing on a regular basis. If it does, then one must also say \'Ta-ta\' to the website users too! People use mobiles for ready and thorough information. One should keep in mind to upload only important and to-the-point content. Remember, the users do not have substantial time to read through unnecessary content.

Just written content alone will not be successful, images have to be present but in a subtle manner. This is because large images take longer time to load in mobiles and you don\'t want to frustrate your potential users. Never use image formats other than.GIF,.JPEG and.PNG.

Finally, consider the Footer. When creating these type of sites, do not go overboard with numerous hyperlinks and irrelevant details in the footer - the interface is already restricted in size. Therefore, make your footer more attractive.

With consideration of the above points, you can contemplate creating one of the best mobile websites, best of luck!

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