PPC Management

This is the new engine of business growth.

Pay Per Click is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. It works across all industries and products, from small companies to large.

Brookfield Web Design and PPC Management

Given how prospects search for products and services today, ppc management is a critical component of your marketing strategy.

The problem is that most small to midsize companies don’t do it correctly, leading to sub-par results or unprofitable campaigns.

Chances are you don’t build your own car, or home. Unless you’re an expert, the results would be disastrous. AdWords is no different. While Google makes it seem very easy and even offers “help” from their staff, the reality is that AdWords campaigns can rapidly become a failing money pit if not handled with care. Most companies who say “AdWords doesn’t work” have had this experience.

There are numerous ways to do it wrong. Fortunately, there is a very clear set of best-practices that drastically minimize your risk and allow a profitable campaign to be built safely. Don’t take the risk, hire Brookfield web design and pay per click management experts to get the job done right.

We are the experts

We'll show you the ROI case before we start.

You should not use anyone who is not a Google Certified AdWords Professional. This is one of our certs. While no certification can guarantee results, it does establish a baseline of competency that should not be ignored. You also need a partner who will use caution. Just because someone knows how to design and implement an AdWords campaign according to Google specifications does not mean they will know how to make it profitable.

We follow a careful process, using your expertise and input to guide our targeting. You know your products, services, and clients best. We take that knowledge and translate it into high-quality AdWords campaigns. We start slowly, testing as we go. Each additional optimization brings us closer to maximum performance. We will establish profitability before we recommend you scale. And we’ll take the care to make sure your results scale along with your investments.

Done properly, AdWords can be one of the highest impact tools in your marketing kit. Our approach works with almost any budget, contact us now for a free consultation.