At Heaviside Group, we have one mission for every customer: deliver a steady stream of profitable new customers. Every project and service we offer is designed to do precisely this.

We have two sets of services—for lower budgets, we offer set scope monthly engagements designed to deliver maximum results for those marketing dollars. These services are limited versions of our agency work done by the same experts. For example, they will have lower included monthly ad spends and portal/email-based support. Those services are sold through our Heaviside Digital website.

For larger budgets, we provide custom, full-service expert engagements with phone consultations, larger budgets, and more comprehensive strategies. We offer these services directly through our agency.

We would be glad to provide a complete proposal and exact quote after we discuss your needs, but here are some basic pricing guidelines.

Web Design Projects

A website for a small or medium-sized business that is custom designed, strategically built to turn visitors into customers, and optimized for smartphones usually costs between $3k and $6k. This should cover custom design work and a build for 20-40 pages.

Most small business websites should fall into this range. A larger website that involves hundreds of pages or advanced custom features usually costs between $10k and $25k. Examples might be sites doing e-commerce, sites that handle employee-related tasks like timekeeping, in-depth customer-facing quoting pages, client portals, etc. If you’ve seen quotes in this high range for a website and you don’t have these kinds of advanced requirements, chances are you are really being overcharged for stuff you don’t need.

Want to learn approximately what your cost will be? We have built a tool that you can use to find out what your website should cost: Custom Website Estimate Tool

Google Ads Projects

For Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) there are a few different pricing models. This is a good third-party overview:

We like the flat rate model, and that’s what we use for monthly spends under $10,000.

Above $10,000 – we charge 10% of ad spend.

This is on the lower end of what agencies typically charge – we use tools and careful project management to hold down our internal costs and pass those savings along to our clients.

Facebook Ads Projects

We run a similar model for Facebook Ads. This is more involved PPC environment to work in, and the costs tend to be higher for agencies to operate (and thus for clients as well).

We use the flat rate model up to $2,000 monthly ad spend. Above that we charge a percentage of ad spend as follows:

Up to $10,000 ad spend per month: 25%
Up to $20,000 ad spend per month: 20%
Up to $50,000 ad spend per month: 15%
Above $50,000 ad spend per month: 10%

Search Engine Optimization

This is the hardest service to provide pricing guidance around as the client needs vary so much from project to project.

This is a fantastic resource for learning about industry pricing averages – You’ll find PPC and Facebook numbers in there too.

We offer “productized” services for monthly budgets under $1,500. For clients with these budgets, it’s an excellent, value-packed engagement that delivers great results.

For higher budgets, we offer a custom approach that uses advanced strategies and tools tailored for your specific SEO environment. It includes more than our productized services, such as a page-by-page, actionable site audit, deeper on-page and competitive analysis using AI/statistical assessment tools, more detailed and thorough content work, custom dashboarding and reporting, phone consultations with our SEO experts, and more.

Our minimum direct engagement is $2,000 per month. Along with that, we highly recommend setting aside a $500/month link-building budget for us to work with.


Why do you have two tiers of services?

The short answer is we want to make quality web and digital marketing services available to all businesses, regardless of their monthly budgets. Too often newer or smaller businesses are forced to deal with low-quality providers. Competing effectively online is essential today—and we don’t think that should only be available to those who can afford "agency prices."

How can you charge low prices and still deliver quality services?

The answer here is more complicated than it sounds: we limit the scope of service. That means there are a lot of things we don’t include. We strip away things that are not essential to getting results and leave the basic essentials included. For example, our Heaviside Digital services do not include phone availability. It’s much more expensive to provide the support that way, so we don’t. The other part of it is we clearly define the work and execute from that script. What we do is not customized, but is rather a known set of deliverables that work very well. These deliverables address the needs of most customers who buy services at these price points.

If you have questions or would like more information, please give us a call at (262) 373-8252 or visit our dedicated service pages to request a free quote and consultation.


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