Welcome to our recommended resources area. These are all services that we use every day and also recommend to our clients. We may get a small commission if you purchase services from these providers, but certainly not enough to recommend something we don’t stand behind.

Recommended Web Hosting

Bluehost has great service and an easy to use WordPress installation and management panel. I recommend Bluehost to all of my self-hosted customers, and host several niche sites there myself.

Recommended SEO Tool


You get the most bang for your buck with SEMrush. For DIY, this is the first tool to get. It can do everything you would need and more. There are better tools for specific applications, but unless you have an agency tool budget keep it simple.

Recommended WordPress Theme

This is a great DIY theme. It’s very user friendly, feature-packed, and we use it for clients who want to run and manage their own sites. It’s one of the most popular themes out there, so it is well-supported and documented.

Recommended Email Marketing Tool

This is the email marketing tool we use to manage our subscribers and build our lists. It’s the best combination of price, features, and user-friendliness.

Recommended Citation Tool

This is the tool we use for local citation tracking and building and recommend to clients who want to DIY. Click the image for a 30 day free trial.