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Social Media Management

There is a lot of interest around social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), but how can it be leveraged by small business owners? How can you actually use social media to grow your small business?

It depends a lot on what niche you are in. Some businesses tend to be more active on social media than others, but there are some commonalities that you should take advantage of.

There are two main things to understand here. First, social media is a huge source of “word of mouth.” If you think about it, where do most conversations happen now? Sure, you still see people in person and chat with them – but far and away most social interaction occurs on these platforms. Potential customers are going to check out your business on there. They might ask their friends for recommendations. They will read your recommendations. In a lot of ways managing this is like managing your reviews – seek out activity here.

Another aspect to consider here is recency – if your last social media post was 2 years ago people may wonder if you are still doing business.

It might seem silly, but for heavy social media consumers activity on the site

can signify activity in the “real world.” You want to keep your social media

profiles up to date and active for the same reason you update your website

footer every year – it tells people you are still active. (You do that, right? If

your footer says copyright 2016, put down this book and go change that right


The second main thing to understand about social media is that it

has become a huge source of entertainment.

The latest statistics indicate that the average social media user

spends 2 hours and 23 minutes per day browsing their feeds.

Compare this to the numbers from the Q1 2019 Nielsen Total Audience Report about hours spent watching TV per day. People aged 50+ spend

about 6.5 hours per day. Those aged 35-49 spent roughly 3.75 hours per day. The 18-34 age group spent just under 2 hours per day.

People under 35 spend more time on social media than they do

watching TV.

This trend is not likely to reverse – and so your business needs a

strategy to be visible there.

We'll take care of your social media posting for you.


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